House Rules

Heerde Health Center

In order to serve you as well as possible and to do our work pleasantly and safely, there are house rules that we all adhere to: patients, visitors, and staff. These house rules also apply when you have contact with our staff outside the health center. By entering the health center, you agree to our house rules.

If you do not adhere to the house rules, we will address your behavior. We may issue an official warning and/or a temporary access ban. After two official warnings, we unfortunately have to unregister you. You will then no longer be welcome at the Heerde Health Center.

Good to know
We do not accept any form of physical violence or threat. In such cases, we will immediately unregister you. You will no longer be welcome at the Heerde Health Center with immediate effect.

These are our ways

  • Follow instructions from staff immediately.
  • Show your identification when requested by a staff member.
  • Give each other space. Respect everyone’s privacy.
  • Treat each other politely and with respect.
  • Violence, physical contact, and any other behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable or threatened, will not be tolerated.
  • The use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc., is allowed as long as it does not cause disruption.
  • When you are in a conversation or under the care of a healthcare provider, your phone should be turned off.
  • Recording, photographing, or filming is only allowed with the consent of all parties involved.
  • Service dogs are welcome. Other pets are not allowed.
  • Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and weapon possession are prohibited. If you are under the influence, access to the health center may be denied.
  • Take care of our belongings. In case of theft and vandalism, a report will be filed with the police. Any costs incurred will be charged.
  • The health center and the healthcare providers located in the center are not responsible for theft or damage to your property.
  • Place bicycles in the designated racks.
  • Not satisfied with the performance of a staff member? You can report this. Information on how to do this can be found in the complaint procedure of the healthcare provider where the respective staff member is employed.
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